Orphan (Tinfish Press 2015)


    Print copies sold out. Available as a PDF  here .


Print copies sold out. Available as a PDF here.

From the website:

Joseph Han takes the Korean tourist industry of cosmetic surgery as the basis for his investigation of identity; caught between languages, between countries, between parents in Seoul and grandparents in Honolulu, and between the ideal and the real nose, he writes as an orphan obliged to self-invent. A sometimes searing look at the pain of migration, there’s plenitude in the paths available to him as a poet. This is the inaugural chapbook by a promising young poet and fiction writer.




"Han deftly works these ostensible oppositions, depth and surface, lyric and docupoetic, moving easily between the language of tourism and commerce (“Book your tour     today & receive a special offer”) and beautifully cadenced writing"

-Janet McAdams, Kenyon Review


"Orphan is an astute and fascinating exploration of physical, familial, cultural and linguistic alienation. As family members change their faces, the book's title takes on heightened significance. How can the speaker recognize himself in them?" 

-Janine Oshiro (author of Pier), Honolulu Star-Advertiser